Palliative Care Stories (The Difference is Love)

The Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm practice palliative care for all their residents. The following videos are from interviews with residents, families and healthcare staff.

Karla describes how caring for the same residents every day has led her to see them as family and to help alleviate pain in every area of their lives.

Cindy describes how Resident Profiles help new residents feel at home and assist the nursing home staff in providing personalized care.

John has faith that his mother has the best possible life with Carmelite Palliative Care.

Marcia is thrilled to see the team approach of palliative care is helping her mother, 103, to have an enjoyable, full life.

Carmelite Sisters see their work as a vocation rather than a job, and it is this mindset that makes them provide for the residents as they would their own family.

Bringing a parent into a nursing home can be extremely difficult for the whole family, but Carmelite Palliative Care provides peace of mind for these sisters.

Though Rosetta has lived with a degenerative illness for years, she feels she is in the best place she could be and is happy knowing that her family has peace.